Message from Fr. Con


The Baptism of the Lord, celebrated this Sunday, 8th January, is the Feast that brings to a liturgical conclusion this Holy Christmas Season.
Jesus so very humbly accepted Baptism from John the Baptist. As the Only Begotten Son of God, He scarcely needed this to take place. Jesus clearly sought to show us the vital significance of Baptism.
Moreover, by accepting Baptism for Himself, it enabled there to be a display of the Holy Trinity – the voice of God the Father from the Heavens; the Son of God standing with John in the river Jordan; the Holy Spirit descending in the form of a dove and resting upon His head.
The Baptism of Jesus signalled the start of His public ministry. This, in the end, would last for 3 years – the final tenth of His time on earth.
This Sunday’s Feast must surely direct our attention to the great day of our own Baptism. Just as Jesus’ Baptism signalled the outset of His public ministry, so our Baptism marked the beginning of our lifelong journey to God.
Jesus, of course, was the Sinless One. He came to this world of sin for our salvation and redemption.
By humbly accepting Baptism from John, He wished to demonstrate that He was fully human as well as fully divine.
In His humanity, He demonstrated His total identification with the human condition. He knew full well that the total historicity of human sinfulness would draw Him to the cross on Mt. Calvary.
May this Feast of Jesus’ Baptism prompt each one of us to be always thankful to God for all the blessings and graces of our individual Baptism.
Jesus stipulated that Baptism must always be in the most blessed Name of the Holy Trinity. May we always preserve a true sense of awe towards this greatest of all mysteries.