Message from Fr. Con

Reflection for 12 Sunday of Ordinary Time, week beginning 20 June 2021.

Monday of the coming week, 21st June, was due to be the day of the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions in England. The new date now is to be Monday 19th July – the cause being the alarming prevalence of the so-called Delta variant, found first in India. This month delay will give much boost to the already very successful vaccine roll-out.
A more than strong case can be made for saying it is naïve in the extreme to have viewed 21st June as “Freedom Day” – the throwing away of masks, the dispensing with social distancing etc. (Nor can we say it will be fine for such to happen on Monday 19th July!)
Surely, we must use this 4-week “extension” to seriously pray about this situation that affects the world near and far.
“British Values” is a much-trumpeted term – but what exactly does it mean? There are many behaviours that have been declared to be legal, when they are clearly far from moral.
A “new normal” is another much-trumpeted expression. What we need is a new moral – a return to the 10 Commandments and to Gospel values. Let us use this 4-weeks until 19th July to pray daily to God in all humility, and in a real spirit of reparation on behalf of the world, both near and far.