Message from Fr. Con


This weekend, 8th October, it is exactly one month since the passing of our Queen. She passed on 8th September, the day the Church celebrates the birthday of Our Blessed Lady. Friday, 7th October , was the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. Last Sunday, 2nd October, was Rosary Sunday (it is always the first Sunday of October, Rosary month).
Obviously, the word ‘Rosary’ comes from the word ‘rose’. Each “Hail, Mary” in the Rosary is seen as figuratively a single rose given in intercession to Our Blessed Lady.
For a moment, we can speculate upon just how many single red roses were hurled at the Queen’s hearse, as it made the long journey south from Balmoral in Scotland. Then we can add to these, all the single roses that would have been similarly hurled on the day of her funeral (Monday 19th September). Each single red rose was a sign or symbol of the great affection held for the beloved monarch.
This analogy of the rose and the earthly Queen can be a pointer towards nurturing an ever-deeper affection for, and greater appreciation of, the Holy Rosary. It is a profoundly Scriptural prayer. This means that it is founded upon the mission and ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All of the Old Testament anticipates His Coming for He is the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets. Our Blessed Lady always points to Him rather than to herself. Therefore, each rose we figuratively offer to her in each “Hail, Mary” is recognising His Death for the salvation of humankind. He is the final and greatest Covenant by virtue of His Precious Saving Blood. His, in reality, is the Blood upon the Rose.