Message from Fr. Con


This Sunday is the great solemn feast of CORPUS CHRISTI (the BODY OF CHRIST) – its full title being CORPUS ET SANGUIS CHRISTI (the BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST). It is the feast of the HOLY EUCHARIST, the BLESSED SACRAMENT, HOLY COMMUNION. On the eve of His death, at the Last Supper, Jesus instituted a means of being in contact (literally “in communion”) with His disciples (His followers; His friends) until the end of time. He took bread and said ”This is My Body”; He took a cup of wine and said ”This is My Blood”, and then said “Do this in memory of Me”. At every Mass we carry out His instructions. At the midpoint thereat, a wondrous miracle takes place. The priest calls down THE HOLY SPIRIT over the bread and wine, asking that they be changed into the Body and Blood of the Lord. Only the Holy Spirit of God can effect this wondrous exchange. God alone can change bread and wine into the Real Presence of God, in the Person of His Only Begotten Son. This is TRANSUBSTANTIATION which means that literally the substance of the bread and wine moves across, in order to instantly become something that is absolutely different. Each will outwardly look the same as before in appearance. Their outward appearance is known as their “accidents”. This wonderful change has happened in their substance – a word formed from 2 Latin words: “sub” meaning “under” and “stare” (pronounced “star-ray”) meaning “to stand”: a thing’s substance is what stands under it – not its outward appearance(s). During each Mass, immediately before the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest raises both sacred species for the final time. He will say twice “Behold” – i.e. hold your eyes upon Jesus – hold your gaze upon Him. From that point, go on to hold Him uppermost in your heart.