Message from Fr. Con


No. 3 of 4 for July.
The Novena to the Divine Mercy (to be known as the Chaplet) was given to Sister Faustina by Jesus. Her diary records how He instructed her to write it down, and to make it before the Feast of Mercy (the Sunday that immediately followed Easter Sunday). It was to begin on Good Friday.
She recalls Jesus’ desire, during these 9 days, that she bring souls to the fount of His Mercy – from which they would draw strength and refreshment, and whatever graces they need, in the hardships of life, and especially at the hour of death.
So, she would bring to His Heart, in her prayers, a different group of souls each day and immerse them in the Ocean of His Mercy. He would then bring them into God the Father’s House. Each day, she was to implore God the Father, upon the strength of Jesus’ very bitter Passion, for grace for these souls.
The 9 groups were as follows:
Day 1 of 9: for all humankind, esp. all sinners.
Day 2 of 9: for the souls of priests and all in p Life.
Day 3 of 9: for all devout and faithful souls.
Day 4 of 9: for all unbelievers and those who do not know God.
Day 5 of 9: for those who have separated from the Church.
Day 6 of 9: for meek & humble souls & souls of little children.
Day 7 of 9: for those who esp. venerate & glorify Divine Mercy.
Day 8 of 9: for the souls detained in Purgatory.
Day 9 of 9: for souls who have become lukewarm.