Message from Fr. Con


This Sunday, the 8th day of May, is Vocations Sunday and the Prayers and Readings of the Mass refer to Jesus as The Good Shepherd.
This Sunday is always the closest we, in New Addington, get to having a parish Feast Day.
The central theme of this Sunday’s Mass is that the Lamb will be our Shepherd. At Mass, we sacramentally offer in sacrifice the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world. He who was slain is now our Shepherd. He will lead to springs of living water all who do not reject Him.
The Collect and Post-Communion prayers at the Vocations Sunday Mass are especially poignant. They are both addressed to God the Father.
The Collect requests of Him that “… the humble folk may reach where the brave Shepherd has gone before.
The post-Communion prayer requests God the Father to “… look upon Your flock, kind Shepherd, and be pleased to settle in eternal pastures the sheep You have redeemed by the Precious Blood of Your Son.
(What is surely of interest here is that God the Father is addressed as “kind Shepherd” – this calling Him ‘Shepherd’ can only point to the Mystery of the Holy Trinity i.e. both Father and Son are designated ‘Shepherd’).
May this Vocations Sunday Mass lead us to see that the primary vocation is to be a disciple – to respond to Jesus’ call “Follow Me”.
In this respect, each and every one of us has a vocation. In our daily lives, may we all prioritise our place within the flock of Jesus Christ. May we always remain alert and attentive to the ongoing call from Jesus, the Good Shepherd.