Message from Fr. Con


This Sunday is the start of the major month of Our Blessed Lady, often known as the “merry month of May”.
Its opening day is referred to as Mayday, in secular terms. It is a day when WORK and WORKERS are marked with trades union marches across the world.
(When not a Sunday, its opening day is a Commemoration of St. Joseph the Worker). On this Sunday in 2022, Eastertide takes precedence, on what is the 3rd Sunday of Easter. St. Joseph himself would, of course, be more than accepting of this inevitability!
In other years, how very fitting that the main month celebrating Our Lady should have, as its first day, a commemoration of St. Joseph!
Our Lady was tutor to the child, and then the adolescent, that was the young Jesus. Their subject matter would have been the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament. (Meanwhile, Joseph trained Jesus in carpentry and also, quite possibly, in working with stone).
For our young people, they are now on the cusp of the examination season.
As tutor of the young Jesus, Mary is the pre-eminent person to address in prayer for examination success.
(For the more practical subjects e.g. for B.Tech students, it is St. Joseph the Worker who would be the ideal “go-to” saint to address with prayer for personal success in examinations).
This Sunday, therefore, let us pray for exam success for our young people.
May they be assured of the intercession of Our Lady and of St. Joseph.
Additionally, may they surely count upon the intercession of their individual Guardian Angel.
If it is applicable, may they also enjoy the intercession of their patron saint.