Message from Fr. Con


Saturday December 17th has ushered in Phase 2 of the 2-phase Holy Season of Advent, for 8 days, upto and including Christmas Eve.
(The first phase had lasted for 20 days, from November 27th upto & including December 16th). The emphasis of Phase 1 had very much been upon spiritual preparation, on spiritual stocktaking, so to speak.
Phase 2 is all about being spiritually joyful. It is decidedly a shift in emphasis.
(An obvious analogy would be tough training in any sport, bearing real dividends in fitness when it comes to “match day”).
Last Sunday, December 11th, being Rejoicing Sunday (Gaudete Sunday), pointed the way to the exhortation to be spiritually joyful in the 8 days immediately before Christmas Day.
Both nationally and internationally, it can be difficult to unearth or source genuinely good news presently. 2022 has yielded a 10-month war in Ukraine; inflation has reached double figures; daily cost of living has rocketed and has led to a plethora of strike-days across the U.K. workforce (these quite understandable in the current economic situation!)
Despite all of this, we will always possess the real GOOD NEWSTHE GOSPELTHE WORD OF GOD THE PERSON OF OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST – once incarnate as the Saviour Baby of Bethlehem.
Now more than ever surely, we need the true meaning of Christmas to shine out, to shine through upon our times, everywhere, near and far.
So, let us determine to spiritually embrace this final week of this Holy Season of Advent.
Our Faith, and its practice, can fundamentally bolster us on this journey through hard times. It can give us a decided advantage.
Let us press home our advantage. We owe that to our very selves!