Message from Fr. Con

Reflection for the 29 Sunday of Ordinary time, week beginning 17 October 2021.

This weekend, we welcome to our Sunday Masses Fr. John Boles, to preach an appeal on behalf of the Columban Fathers. He has ministered in the mission fields of S. America for 30 years.
Our hymns at these 3 Masses will all be on the theme of MISSION.

From every Mass, we are sent out on mission, to share the love received from Jesus at Mass. In this Rosary month, we can see this very love from Jesus evidenced in the Luminous Mysteries (the Mysteries of Light). He humbly submitted to John the Baptist’s water baptism, to prove to us how vital and wonderful is this first of the seven sacraments – for it removes from the individual soul the mark of Original Sin, passed down from Adam and Eve. (This event at the river Jordan also made possible a revelation of the Holy Trinity – the voice of God the Father from the clouds; Jesus, His Only Begotten Son, submitting to Baptism; the Holy Spirit descending as a dove upon his head).

At the Cana wedding, we witness Jesus’ first public miracle (‘water into wine’) – his loving concern on behalf of the host. We then hear his loving concern for humankind, with his preaching of the Gospel in Galilee, and his calling out for conversion. At his Transfiguration on Mt.Tabor, we witness his loving concern for his apostles and for his disciples, represented by his inner circle of Peter, James and his brother John. (His being revealed for just a short while in his heavenly aspect will strengthen them, as they prepare to face his gruelling passion and death). In the 5th and final Luminous Mystery, we witness Jesus’ Greatest Gift – the gift of his very self in the Holy Eucharist at Mass – and the gift of the priesthood, to enable Mass to take place. Let us embrace these 5 events in the Rosary this month, offering them in prayer on Thursdays, their stipulated day. May we continue to understand our own individual call and mission from God, given on the great day of our Baptism.