Message from Fr. Con


As practising members of the Roman Catholic Church, the notion of REMEMBRANCE is ever placed before us – for the Church’s Year is so well-constructed i.e. 33 or 34 weeks of Ordinary Time and 18 or 19 weeks of “Extraordinary Time”. At any given time, the Church sets out for us what momentous event(s) we should call to mind.
November, each year, is the special month of Remembrance. First of all, we remember in prayer the Holy Souls undergoing purification in Purgatory.
Remembrance Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of November each year. It points principally to the deceased military of the 2 World Wars of the last century. Then additionally we recall those killed in later conflicts.
9th November, each year, is the anniversary of the Tram derailment near the Sandilands stop in 2016. It resulted in 7 deaths and over 60 injuries. Each anniversary of this disaster is marked by a Memorial Gathering on the New Addington Parade at 11am.
November is also the month that brings the Church’s Year to its close. The 1st Sunday of Advent, the opening day of the Church’s New Year, is usually the final Sunday of November, as the 4 Sundays of the Holy Season of Advent must be concluded before Christmas Day.
For us, individually & collectively, November is the prime time for reflection upon the 4 Last Things. The calendar year is drawing to its close as well. It is a time most suitable for a spiritual “stocktaking”. (People’s New Year’s resolutions will always retain at least a little currency, but usually relate to secular earthly living).
How much more significant, and infinitely more lasting, would be 1 or 2 resolutions for the Church’s New Year – a resolution to pray more regularly and consistently, in order to draw ever closer to Jesus Christ!