Message from Fr. Con

Reflection for the 4 Sunday of Advent, week beginning 19 December 2021.

This year of 2021 represents for us our second consecutive Parish-Church-family Christmas ensconced in the Covid-19 pandemic, and in a measure of its now all-too-familiar restrictions.

Each year, in healthier times, the true meaning of Christmas is pretty much in competition always with the Christmas presented so animatedly by the world of advertising and marketing.

Now, in these pandemic times, the true meaning of Christmas is therefore facing a twin assault, so to speak.

The true meaning is that we are celebrating annually the GREATEST EVENT that could ever occur in human history – THE INCARNATION – God, Who is absolute Spirit, taking on human flesh in the Person of His only begotten Son, for our salvation and redemption.

He would spend a mere 30 years or so on this earth, the final 3 of which were His public ministry. He was, and He is, the New Testament, the New Covenant, by virtue of His Saving Blood. He is the final Covenant for no covenant could ever be greater. We, each and all, are in this covenant relationship with Him. Any covenant is binding on each of the parties. He will always be faithful in keeping His part – for us, therefore, there is the great need to keep our part of the Covenant. We need to be faithful to Him, determining to be steadfast in our faith and also in our faith practice. May we determine this for 2022 and beyond.