Message from Fr. Con


Once more, we give joyful thanks to God for having reached Easter Sunday, and the commemoration of the sheer wonder of the EMPTY TOMB.
This Sunday is the greatest day in the Church’s calendar. We celebrate what is the central tenet of our Faith – the day that proved, beyond all doubt, that Good Friday was indeed Triumph. As we know, Jesus would be all of 40 days on earth, in His wondrous Risen state, before His glorious Ascension to God the Father’s right hand. How truly wonderful it would have been to have been one of His disciples, one of His FRIENDS, for that amazing period of almost 6 weeks, day-in and day-out!
We can recall His Resurrection appearances: at least 2 in the Upper Room in Jerusalem – 8 days apart – when His apostle Thomas was strangely absent from the 1st of these, but who acclaimed “MY LORD AND MY GOD” – after Jesus had shown him the wounds of His hands and side. Another appearance was to 2 disciples on their way from Jerusalem to Emmaus. He appears at the side of one of them. They are downcast after Good Friday – they probably never even looked up to eye this unexpected stranger. In any event, something prevents them from recognising Him. As they walk as a trio, He unpacks the Scriptures for them. Nearing their abode, they press Him to stay with them, as it is late. He accepts and stays just long enough to break their bread, thereby enabling them to recognise their Lord and Master, who has instantly vanished. In at least one other appearance, the Risen Jesus has breakfast on the shore for His fishermen disciples, whom He instructs to bring some of their nightly catch.
As for us, we encounter the Risen Jesus primarily in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – both in Word and in Sacrament. We should, and must, treasure such encounter, both individually and collectively!