Message from Fr. Con


This Sunday, the one following Pentecost, is Trinity Sunday. The Blessed Trinity is a Heavenly phenomenon. It is the greatest of all mysteries in any field of study. No mere mortal is able to explain it or would claim to be able to do so. Yet, with God’s grace, we can confidently say the following: in the Holy Trinity, it is God the Father alone Who is Unbegotten i.e. no-one gave Him His being – He gives being to all persons, creatures and things. He is the Creator. All was made through His Only Begotten Son, the 2nd Person of the Trinity. (The Holy Spirit is the great mutual love that exists between God the Father and God the Son).
God is always Trinity. One God in 3 Persons. 3 Persons in one God. The heart of this great Mystery is that the 3 are individual Persons and, at the same time, they dwell within each other. In the great Creation process, we can say confidently: God the Father had a thought; God the Son then translated that thought into word and God the Holy Spirit translated that word into deed. (We can surely see the link between thought, word and deed in ordinary everyday earthly decisions made; any thought converts into word which then converts into deed or action. These three earthly phenomena are bound up with each other, and yet are independent).
On Sundays and on major feasts at Mass, we praise the Holy Trinity in the ‘Gloria’, said or sung. We praise them in the short prayer of the ‘Glory be …’ We praise them further in the words that open and close acts of prayer i.e. “in the Name of the Father …” – this is the Trinitarian Formula, to give it its formal title. This “Sign of the Cross” should always be made with great reverence. It is an act of worship – a prayer in itself. On this, children must see the best example from adults.